Hence you will automatically loose shoelace

Hence you will automatically loose shoelace

World April 12, 2017 12:27

berkeley - You know the drill: no matter how tight you get them strictly, eventually you still loose self shoelaces. It was also noticed some American researchers decided to find out how it actually comes out.

One of the researchers ran on a treadmill while others filmed her shoes. The images were played in slow motion and fully analyzed.

They came to the following conclusion: a complex combination of different forces on the lace the same effect as a hand movement that disconnecting him. Therefore, the lacing is ended completely.

'If you run, your foot hits the ground with a force of seven times that of gravity,' the researchers said. 'The button is successively stretched and released as a result of that force. While the knot is becoming looser, creates an inertial force caused by the swinging leg sure the knot further loosening. Within two steps he's loose. '

Very nice that they know now, but what did you further? Quite something, the researchers found. 'This knowledge of knots you can apply it to other things, such as DNA or microstructures that fail under dynamic forces. This is the first step to find out why some buttons are better than others. '

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