Helping citizens in combating road deaths

Helping citizens in combating road deaths

World October 20, 2015 09:30

brussels - The number of fatalities in 2020 against Belgium can not be reduced to a maximum of 420 per year. At least, not without help from the public , the Belgian minister Jacqueline Beau Mobility . She calls Tuesday in the newspaper De Standaard thinking citizens to bring about the traffic problems in Belgium .

" The impact of government has its limits almost reached ", says Galant in the newspaper. " I am minister , not a magician. Citizens, I would appeal to your common sense. " In a letter to the minister asking citizens to come up with proposals.

As examples she mentions the obligation of helmets for cyclists compulsory dashcam (camera on dashboard) or introducing an alcolock.

In 2011 in Belgium agreed that the number of deaths would be halved from 840 in 2010 to 420 in 2020. Last year there were 715 fatalities.

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