Heavily Wounded by brawl asylum reception

Heavily Wounded by brawl asylum reception

World November 29, 2015 16:45

- At least two people have been badly injured Sunday during a brawl at Berlin's Tempelhof airport, where refugees are received. One of the guards of the building told the Tagesspiegel newspaper that a number of Syrians and Afghans together has gone to blows during the distribution of food.

One of the graves was discovered about twelve kilometers south of the town of Sinjar. It was undermined with explosives. Those are rendered harmless by the Kurdish fighters. Another grave was found in the town of Sinjar.

Are regularly discovered mass graves in northern Iraq's Yazidis who constitute a religious minority in the country. Terror Islamic State Movement (IS) has captured a part of northern Iraq in the summer of last year. The terrorists abduct and kill Yazidis, because they are seen as devil worshipers.

According to the Kurds are found all six mass graves in total. Nearly two weeks ago there was also discovered a tomb containing eighty women. The United Nations has expressed concern about the war crimes and genocide by IS in Iraq.

The Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga knew IS penetrate ever further back with an offensive that began this month. They are assisted by the international coalition against IS, which carries out air strikes on IS.

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