Heaviest DDoS attack ever on NPO

Heaviest DDoS attack ever on NPO

Tech November 30, 2015 11:15

- By a heavy DDoS attack on the Dutch Public Broadcasting are the websites and apps of the NIS and the NPO for hours not or hardly been accessible. According to the NPO stopped the attack at 02.00 am and was there since worked with might and main to get all systems working again. Visitors can still suffer from aftereffects of the attack.

" After the heavy DDoS attack last night on the systems of public broadcasting may be that some sites and apps work slower. By restarting this problem is often corrected ", announced the NPO Sunday afternoon. Who is behind the attack and whether it was registered with the police, public broadcasting could not say.

The cyber attack was around 21:00 Saturday night all of the NPO and the NIS on the Internet out. In the TV program News Hour said that it is one of the largest attacks ever on the broadcasters. Also regional broadcasters like RTV Utrecht and Omroep Gelderland had briefly problems. TV and teletext (on TV) were not affected by the attack.

The NPO had at the beginning of the night managed to succeed in repelling the attack. " We are working hard to guide the incoming stream ' request ' away. This works gets better ", it sounded when. Simultaneously started the NPO with an evaluation " may take additional measures to limit the effects of a large-scale DDOS attack ".

In a DDoS attack a computer system is bombarded with extreme visits. This digital file servers go flat, with a lot of inconvenience as a result. In early October, the NOS and NPO have also been affected by a DDoS attack.

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