Heat debate Le Pen and Macron about safety

Heat debate Le Pen and Macron about safety

World May 3, 2017 22:27

paris - French presidential candidates, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron, were flown in the hairs every Wednesday evening. In a heated television debate, the last direct confrontation for the decisive election round Sunday, national security was an important topic. One million people saw the broadcast.

The right-populist Le Pen accused her of relegating her social-liberal opponent in combating Muslim terrorism. 'You have no plan at all, but are patient when it comes to Islamic fundamentalism,' Le Pen replicated. She put her rivals, in the polls the favorite, away like a wimp in the field of public safety.

Macron reacted with the remark that terrorism is his main focus when he is chosen. 'What you imagine is hiding', he said referring to her promise to close the French borders. 'You are spreading lies. 'The latter struck Le Penn's claim that he has ties with radical Muslims. Cold nonsense, according to Macron. In turn, he advised Front Front Front Lady to set the 'germ for a civil war.'

For Le Pen, it was the last national chance to win electors for her program. She repeatedly had to pay off with illegal immigration and to pay off the euro. In the angry exchange of words, she pardoned Macron with her past as banker and minister of economic affairs. She painted him as an extension of the leaving, unpopular socialist government and as an epitome of unstoppable globalization.

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