Head Dorper scored millions of hits on YouTube with cover Drake

Head Dorper scored millions of hits on YouTube with cover Drake

Tech December 30, 2016 08:54

- More than 280 million times video has been viewed on YouTube. Head Dorper Ramin Rezai got it done with a cover of the song Dance One of the famous Canadian singer Drake. Rezai: 'I think it supervet, but it was just not been my own song!'

'But then, so many people had obviously not clicked as she had known it was me. 'Because of One Dance original is not on YouTube, amateur singer and marketing student saw his chance. He distorted his voice to him that to look like Drake. In the background of the video shows a photograph of Drake, with the lyrics of the song.

Rezai no penny deserves to, he says. 'Then I had to first be a YouTube partner. Dom, I would have done if I could. With that number of clicks you can earn considerably. YouTube now earn and Drake himself to it. '

After much mail on YouTube was Rezais name put under the much watched video. He hopes to become better known. Viewers now come when they click on the One Dance video, visit Rezais channel. His two latest videos are viewed each partly because more than 100 000 times. Not rich, it appears. 'I think I deserved it but 60 euros. '

Rezai hopes ever to break with his music. 'Covers I make to easily reach many people. But I also own songs. Making music is my life, all from an early age. '

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