Hawking: 'Only a thousand years on earth '

Hawking: 'Only a thousand years on earth '

World November 18, 2016 12:18

oxford - Humans can survive only a thousand years on earth. Those frightening prediction has the world's most famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking made during a speech in the British Oxford. The only hope for mankind? ASAP find another habitable planet.

'I do not think we will survive another thousand years without leaving our fragile planet,' Hawking said Tuesday at the renowned British Oxford University. 'We have to go into space remain for the future of humanity.'

It is not the first time that Hawking warns the human being. In January, he said that the Earth is threatened by the current advances in technology, the growing risk of nuclear war and the dangers of climate change. According doing Hawking our selfish and aggressive genes' us the tie around.

The only solution for mankind as soon as possible find another planet. Something the US space agency NASA is already working with it seriously since 2009 with the space telescope Kepler.

The 74-year-old cosmologist closed his speech with a recommendation to physics students. He encouraged them to 'be curious' and reminded them to 'look at the stars and not at your feet. '

The space telescope Kepler has so far discovered a total of 3264 possible planets. Or a planet have the right temperature in order to accommodate water, and thus it is viable, is only partly dependent on the distance from the heat of the star. Other factors include the atmosphere of the planet and the concentration of greenhouse gases in it. Here on earth are water vapor and carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gases, but on other planets would also be hydrogen.

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