'Hard core' EU increases pressure

'Hard core' EU increases pressure

World June 25, 2016 12:24

- The six countries that were the cradle of the European Union, have to start calling as soon as possible Saturday in Britain with the negotiations on leaving the union.

The Foreign Ministers of Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg meet in Berlin to discuss the alarming situation. This sextet was involved in 1957 with the creation of the European Economic Community, the forerunner of the European Union.

The implementation of the separation should begin as soon as possible, said Germany's representative Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The union does not want a slow pace of settlement, he said. Within the EU, there is the notion that the Brits as much as possible to gain time. Friday seemed that London only after the repayment of David Cameron as prime minister in October, is serious about the departure.
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