Hard battle for Syria in British House of Commons

Hard battle for Syria in British House of Commons

World December 2, 2015 13:00

london - ,null, You're not the same vote as Jeremy Corbyn and a bunch of terrorist sympathizers. "British Prime Minister David Cameron has his mask of friendliness have now covered the time is approaching when the House of Commons votes on rocket attacks and bombings in Syria.

Cameron spoke these words during a meeting of the Conservatives on the eve of today's vote in the House of Commons. Reportedly want some Conservatives vote against. Cameron wants the majority that it intends to achieve as high as possible. The Labour Party has demanded that Cameron apologizes.Show respect towards political opponents, it is not obvious in British politics. David Cameron has tried, in recent days. In the run-up to the vote on air strikes and bombs, his advisers had drummed into him to temper his typically aggressive approach to political opponents. During the first debate on the issue last Thursday, Cameron showed repeatedly that he respects, respect, had respect for the opinion of anyone who expressed concerns about the new war mission of the British Army. Sometimes he even had a lot of respect.Opponents of Syrian missile attacks have incidentally also does well. The pressure on Labour Commons Members who are likely to support the government line is increased. Jeremy Corbyn now threatens all that potential political opponents within his party their constituency in the upcoming elections are no longer allowed to represent. Powerful Stop the War organization where Corbyn until recently was president of, send photos of murdered civilians in rocket attacks from the opponents Corbyn within the Labour Party.The debate over possible missile attacks on Syria begins today for half a Dutch time. The debate will at least last until eleven o'clock this evening (UK time). House of Commons John Bercow president does not rule out that the debate will continue until late into the night. This depends on whether he will allow that the voting on numerous amendments.The government is heading to a comfortable majority. It is expected that the majority of the Conservatives will vote for. At the weekend they still assumed that more than 100 Labour members would support the government. That number has declined in recent days to perhaps thirty. Scottish nationalists are against. The Lib Dems and Northern Irish unionists for.

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