Happier without Facebook

Happier without Facebook

Tech November 13, 2015 12:15

- People who feel unhappy, might consider removing their Facebook account. Danish research shows that people without Facebook happier than with.

Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen has 1095 Danes questioned about their Facebook behavior. For 94 percent of the participants makes visiting Facebook is part of the daily routine in which 78 percent of the social network uses more than 30 minutes a day. The Danish think tank then asked participants how socially active they were in real life and how satisfied they were there. Subsequently, the group was split in two, with one Facebook group was asked a week not to use. Afterwards, the same questions. Of the non- Facebook users, 88 percent themselves feel happy compared to 81 percent of the participants who regularly visited the social network. It also appears that Facebook users more stress (54 %) than non- users (41 %). Moreover, the non- Facebook users said they had a richer social life and be able to concentrate better.

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