Half world searches for football players in cave

Half world searches for football players in cave

World July 2, 2018 04:39

chiang rai - Thai Seals yesterday succeeded in penetrating a little deeper into the flooded cave complex, where twelve teenagers and their football coach have been missing for more than a week. After days of heavy rainfall, the weather is finally favorable and the water level in the cave, located near Chiang Rai, has decreased slightly.

The scuba divers of the navy have to seize their chance, because there is a fear that the rain will fall from the air again this week. Man and power try to pump as much water out of the cave system as possible.

According to the authorities, the divers arrived 600 meters yesterday than the place where the search for the weekend had to be stopped. But they are still a mere three kilometers from the location where the thirteen missing persons may be located, a higher space called 'Pattaya Beach'.

About sixty Thai and foreign divers are currently in the cave system. Outside the cave, more than a thousand people in the jungle are looking for alternative entrances in the ten-kilometer limestone complex.

In addition to an American military team that arrived last week, China, Israel, Australia, Laos and Myanmar also sent rescue workers and equipment to Thailand. Three experienced British cave divers also help.

Meanwhile, help is flowing in from all sides. Companies like Chevron send engineers, geologists and equipment. Famous Thai cooks and locals are hauling food and installing kitchens for the rescue personnel and volunteers.

The desperation about the boys and their 25-year-old coach is growing. Thai express their support for the thirteen on social media and the hope that they will be found alive. At a nearby school, five hundred Buddhist monks prayed for the safe return of the football team and their trainer.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha had traveled north on Friday. On Saturday, an evacuation exercise took place, after which it was decided to rush the missing with helicopters to the hospital instead of ambulances if they are found. Among other things, oxygen tanks are placed in the cave for first aid.

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