Half websites government unsafe

Half websites government unsafe

Tech December 1, 2016 09:27

amsterdam - Less than half of the websites of the Dutch government does not use a secure https connection. According to research by the Open State Foundation. There 1816 spheres of government were examined.

In total, only 44 percent of the sites, including the central government, municipalities and provinces, an https connection. Moreover, the websites that do use it 108 not properly set a https connection, so there is still a security risk at 62 percent of government websites. One of the examples of websites without https connection of the UWV website.

In total there are 1032 websites of ministries, of which only 404 use a secure and well-established connection. 'The government stresses regularly the importance of a secure and reliable digital infrastructure. It is therefore incomprehensible that our government does not do it better, 'said Rejo Zenger Bits of Freedom, an organization dedicated to digital rights.

By using an https connection, it is not possible to watch the communication with a web server or to change.

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