Hackers hit back on LinkedIn

Hackers hit back on LinkedIn

Tech December 4, 2015 11:45

- More and more hackers trying to fake profiles on LinkedIn to gain the trust of businessmen. Making connections allows them to bring the networks of professionals in card. This was reported by security company Symantec.

Cyber ​​criminals try to entice LinkedIn users to send personal data. When they managed to get their email address, they can then send targeted phishing mails. The unsuspecting LinkedIn users are redirected to websites containing malware.The hackers often occur in the fake profiles for the recruiter and use key words such as " reservoir engineer ", " exploration manager " and " cargo secure management training " to increase their visibility in the built-in search of LinkedIn. Often they use profile text copied from profiles of real users. The pictures are sometimes genuine businessmen, but also makes extensive use of stock photos.Symantec cooperates with LinkedIn to remove the fake profiles as much as possible. LinkedIn indicates that fake profiles are inconsistent with the requirements of the company. It tests the authenticity of profiles in different ways and found fake profiles be removed immediately.LinkendIn users who doubt whether a connection request is from a legitimate user or not, can unmask fake profiles by searching Google for images. Also look for the profile text to provide clarification.

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