Hackers can lay down the power grid

Hackers can lay down the power grid

Tech September 7, 2017 09:12

the hague - In a few years, it is no longer certain that we always have electricity. The systems for our energy supply are becoming increasingly complex. This makes them smarter and more efficient, but also more vulnerable to cyber attacks. This increases the risk of failure. And without such an attack, a small problem can have big consequences.

A major power failure can even disrupt society. For this reason, the Planning Agency for the Environment, which warns the government to intervene, warns.

The report is about digitization. This makes life easier, but can also lead to a division. Some people can handle it, others will miss the boat, for example because they are too old or not having enough education. The difference between them will be greater.

In this new society, citizens' privacy can also be compromised. More and more companies are gathering more and more data from more and more people. Governments make rules, but often follow the facts. The big tech companies can find the holes in the rules. The government must therefore get more ICT knowledge at home.

The planning office wants political and society to think about what we really think is important, such as 'privacy, accessibility, accessibility, legal certainty. 'The government can stimulate and slow down the development if necessary. Nevertheless, it is not good to clutter everything, emphasizes the researchers, because experimentation, testing, imagination and creativity can help a society in advance.

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