' Gunmen US shut down loan for attack '

' Gunmen US shut down loan for attack '

World December 9, 2015 08:21

- The couple that fourteen people shot dead in California's San Bernardino, would shortly before the attack about $ 28,000 (almost 26,000 euros) have borrowed over the internet. The money was deposited as a source for the massacre about two weeks on the account of the bunch.

Syed Rizwan Farooq and his wife Tahseen Malak thus seem to have been followed in the footsteps of previous bombers. It is according to a government source not unusual for people for a suicide mission pillage their bank accounts and borrow the largest possible amount.

The couple would have borrowed the money through an online lending company based in San Francisco. According to Fox News has Farook possibly transferred part of the money to his mother. He also would have included 10 000 US dollars with a bank in San Bernardino.

Researching and Farooq Malik is still in progress. CNN reported Tuesday (local time) which Farook was possible as early as 2012 plan with another person to commit an attack. According to officials was even considered a target.

The pair would have decided to call off the plan, after a number of people in the area was arrested during terrorism investigations. " They were nervous ", said one of the sources. It is unclear how advanced the plans were.

As Farooq in 2012 already committed an assault, it would mean that he was already radicalized.

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