Gülen Strikes Back: Erdogan after coup attempt

Gülen Strikes Back: Erdogan after coup attempt

World September 29, 2016 13:09

- The cleric Fethullah Gulen, who was according to Turkey after the coup attempt in July, strikes back. In the German magazine Die Zeit accuses precisely Erdogan of having orchestrated the failed coup and then perform all kinds of cleansing.

In the interview with the German magazine Gülen points to Erdogan's comments after the coup attempt. He would have called a \'gift from God\' because he could then begin the cleansing. Asked if he thinks that Erdogan was behind the coup, Gülen says: \'Until now, I have taken into account the possibility. Now I think it certainly is. \'

After the coup attempt is a great cleansing operation under way in the military and the civil service. Tens of thousands of people who were believed to have been a follower of the movement Gülen have been fired or arrested.

Gülen is a former ally of Erdogan, but lives for years at odds with the president. He resides in the USA Turkey has asked for his extradition.

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