Grandmother beaten to death snot

Grandmother beaten to death snot

World October 22, 2015 14:51

- Blowing her nose during dinner, the 84 -year-old Agnes Wagner Steele proved fatal. Her grandson Timothy Steele ( 35 ) hit her death with a hammer...

Steele told police in Farmington, just outside Minneapolis, he " voices in his head, heard, which urged him to save Grandma Agnes death. The man was annoyed because he zjin grandmother suspected a hole in his overcoat to have made. However, a joint meal with grandma was normal until the woman blew her nose. Convinced that he Granny snot could smell and taste, Steele decided - at the urging of his stemmen'- to put an end to the life of the elderly, reports the New York Post.

That end came later in the evening. While the woman was watching television in bed, her grandson fetched a hammer to beat her then seven or eight times in the head. Steele then went out the door to get cigarettes. Flights he did not. Same 'voices' convinced him to wait their home in the police, because he was "a horrible criminal".

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