Government Crisis in Croatia

Government Crisis in Croatia

World May 27, 2016 20:06

zagreb - The government in the last EU country Croatia has put a new step towards its premature end. All seven ministers of the Reform Party Most (Bridge) voted Friday for the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Kara Marko. The politician of the largest coalition party, the HDZ, is accused of corruption.

The sixteen ministers of the HDZ, which Kara Marko Party leader, supported him. The politician refused Friday to respond to an earlier ultimatum of Most to resign.

Most has announced that there will be early elections as Kara Marko does not leave his post. The final decision falls in two weeks in parliament. Most there wants to work with the opposition off the HDZ leader and Deputy Prime Minister.
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Kara Marko is alleged that the Hungarian oil company MOL has funded the company of his wife. The Croatian government is already for years with the Hungarians at loggerheads. Zagreb claims that MOL has acquired through corruption control in the Croatian state oil company INA. Also from the HDZ coming former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader was the adoption of a million amount to ten years imprisonment convicted in this case.

Kara Marko has always been committed to a tolerant attitude towards Croatia's MOL.

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