Gossip and backbiting

Gossip and backbiting

World December 18, 2015 15:42

amsterdam - They are the darlings of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, which they reportedly personally selected, but count outside the borders of the communist state, the girls from the band Moranbong be less understanding.

         On their first trip abroad say the ladies at the Los Angeles airport to be picked up because customs thought they were underage prostitutes. Maybe it had to do with their costumes, some of which can be classified under the heading piquant. The officials however have a different story. The singers had so much stuff that was obvious she wanted to appear in the US, but their visas had only suitable for tourists who are not allowed to work. They were thus sent back.
Similarly, in the main ally of North Korea 'Oh, my girl', less fortunate. A great performance in Beijing was canceled for some unknown reason. This led to many speculations. Ties between China and North Korea would still be less hot than previously thought. Another rumor was that the wife Kim had had to cancel the performance because the dictator would have a relationship with one of the female singers.
It all fits into the often vague image of the closed People's Republic. Previously, the band formed in 2012 had already been gone for some time from the earth. When the rumor was that they were disgraced by the Great Leader.
China is now under pressure to explain why the North Koreans were not allowed to occur. The reason is striking. Their texts did not pass the censor. Even more striking was that the Chinese were about the anti-American phrases of the tape. Texts in which the US,, as an ambitious wolf 'were put down and the Korean War of 1950-1953 was discussed not passed the censor.
Remarkable because the relations between the US and China have recently been strained because of the struggle for influence in the South China Sea.

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