Google will scan app for old photos

Google will scan app for old photos

Tech November 16, 2016 08:30

- Google has recently been busy with his photo service Google Photos. Google Photos allows you to store all your digital photos and the tech giant hopes can now be tempted to put all your old analogue photos in the cloud with the new Google Fotoscan.

Photo Scan, which was released for Android and iOS, works in a similar way as commercial software to digitize old photos. Fotoscan ask your analog photos to make a few photos with your smartphone. The app adds all these photos together and then automatically ensures that the image is centered, is stripped of reflections and the colors enhanced.

If you have the storage service Google Photos you can use this way automatically all your old analogue photos on your existing digital collection. Do your photos rather not in the cloud, you can use Fotoscan yet. Be the scanned photos or save to the photo roll folder of your smartphone or a hard disk.

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