Google will remove examples in report

Google will remove examples in report

Tech November 26, 2015 10:30

- Google has updated its Transparency Report and the company has regularly updated examples in the report put to remove requests has had to cope with the company. Google gives every so often a transparency report which tells users how often data is requested from Google and how often ceded the data.

Google should in the European Union since May 2014 include removal requests from users in treatment, and to implement in its search engine. In its latest report, Google has put examples of removal requests. If someone from Belgium has a link to it removed an article about a criminal offense. The Belgian was convicted in the first instance, but acquitted on appeal. Google has the data indeed removed. In the case of a Hungarian politician, Google has not cooperated. He or she wanted information on an old criminal case have been ironed out, but Google is not gone. In a Dutch request Google has not kept up with the demand. A certain person would be blamed on blog posts of abuse of benefits, but Google saw no reason to erase links to the blog posts. Incidentally, there are from our country since May 2014 reached more than 20 000 Delete requests. A thick 56 percent of which is approved by Google. Google has also provided insight into what kind of sites are affected by removal requests. One sticks out head and shoulders above the rest: Facebook.

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