Google will no longer read your mails

Google will no longer read your mails

Tech June 26, 2017 09:06

mountain view - Google will no longer scan its users' emails. The company did it to gather information so that it could sell more targeted ads. For example, emailing someone else on second hand cars may be interested in second hand cars and may therefore be responsive to advertisements on occasions.

The decision was made because Google wants to attract business customers with the G Suite. About 3 million companies already use those programs and services like Hangouts, Calendar, and Drive. Also, Gmail is underneath. The mails of those business customers have not been scanned yet, but that did happen to regular, free users. That sometimes caused confusion. To prevent this, Google has decided to stop scanning completely.

The free Gmail users are still able to see ads, but they are based on other information Google keeps track of, like search and YouTube.

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