Google stops Pinterest competitor in search

Google stops Pinterest competitor in search

Tech December 3, 2015 11:30

- Google has rolled out a new feature in the mobile version of its search service. Who looks for images on a smartphone or tablet can keep it within his or her Google account with a single button press. With the new feature, Google has a kind Pinterest- like app rigged within the search engine. Pictures ' saving ' can in almost all mobile browsers.

What you need is a Google account and a US IP address. The latter is acidic, but nothing new. It happens often that services will initially be launched in the US alone. Though it appears the new store function is not something that will be long in waiting in other countries.It can store in your Google Account images would obviously not very much play if you could not categorize and could be stored in collections. It should come as no surprise that Google has ensured that functionality.

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