Google is retiring AlphaGo

Google is retiring AlphaGo

Tech May 29, 2017 08:15

mountain view - Googles Go Computer AlphaGo may enjoy a well-earned pension. Google's DeepMind team finds it a nice 3-0 win over Chinese go-topper Ke Jie for the board game machine.

Google wanted to demonstrate with AlphaGo that artificial intelligence can take it without effort against human intelligence. It was chosen for Go because the 3000 year old board game is very advanced. For computer systems, Go is more difficult to understand than other board games like chess or dams. That AlphaGo can measure itself well with Go players of meat and blood has proven to be good. The computer caught up with several grandmasters and it always resulted in a sounding win for AlphaGo.

The DeepMind team that is behind the development of AlphaGo, unlike the Go computer, does not stop its work. Work is being done on new projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

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