Google defends policy bundle Android

Google defends policy bundle Android

Tech November 10, 2016 15:24

- Google defends its policy to bundle apps with Android to the European Commission. The search giant says that the co-delivery of Google Search makes it possible to keep Android free. Also need the included apps make Android phones operate smoothly and so better able to compete with Apple's iPhone.

Google sent Thursday a response to the European Commission on the complaint misplayed the committee in April at the company. That happened after complaints from a number of apps, the Russian search engine Yandex and business coalition Fair Search.

Google Android to deliver a suite of apps. The company maintains that phone makers who do not need to install apps. Well Chrome browser should always be installed with Google Search. According to Google, this is not problematic. Phone owners can include self install other apps and do so en masse, an average of 50 apps per Android phone in Europe.

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