Google Assistant on hunt for Siri

Google Assistant on hunt for Siri

Tech May 18, 2017 09:24

mountain view - Apple's virtual assistant Siri gets competition: Google brings his own Google Assistant as a separate app to the iPhone. That made the search traveler known Wednesday at his Google I / O developer conference. However, due to restrictions in iOS, Assistant is not as powerful as his Android counterpart.

On Android, Google Assistant can see and understand the world around you. For example, the app shows you a menu when you aim the camera on the outside of a restaurant and can connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network when you focus the camera on the login data.

Google Photos has also become a lot smarter and now lets you automatically share photos with the people in the photo. In addition, Google will be able to remove objects or persons from photos in the future.

Android O

The latest version of Android, Android O, focuses on battery life and speed. There is also a virus scanner built in to scan apps. Additionally, Android O is built up so that also phone manufacturers who build their own layer of Android can quickly update updates to the operating system.

In addition to Android O, Google also presented Android Go. That version of the mobile operating system requires less computing power and memory and is primarily intended for cheaper devices. However, it will take a while before Android Go is actually available. For the time being it is still an internal project.

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