Go Vacation Review

Go Vacation Review

Tech August 17, 2018 12:48

- It is never wrong to occasionally celebrate a holiday. For the heat you do not have to go to the warm south, but it is also possible to enjoy the weather in the backyard. And if we are still in the backyard, why do not we go all the way with Go Vacation?

If you happen to be allergic to sport, this is your chance to exercise without having to sweat yourself. Although Go Vacation can not replace a real vacation.

With Go Vacation for the Nintendo Switch you get a collection of small holiday sports. You become a vacationer at a big resort and you can take part in sports that would cause a lot of sweat to sweep over your back. Think of taming the wild waves with your surfboard, playing with a beach ball during a hot game of beach volleyball or deep-sea diving while being accompanied by turtles. Eventually you get a collection of more than fifty sports, which creates a considerable amount of variation.

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