Girls with baby doll pregnant fast

Girls with baby doll pregnant fast

World August 25, 2016 20:33

- Baby dolls that cry, need to be fed and changed; they are ever developed as a deterrent to dissuade teenage girls to become pregnant. But they have the opposite effect, because there are just more girls pregnant.

It reports the medical journal The Lancet Thursday, in which the results were published of years of research by the University of Western Australia in Adelaide.

This VIP program (Virtual Infant Parenting) two groups totaling 3,000 school-aged girls were compared. One group had to take care of a baby doll and the control group did not.
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Eventually it was found that 8 percent of girls in the surrogate mother's group became pregnant. Among the girls who had not cared baby doll, the pregnancy rate was only 4. The surrogate mothers showed 9 percent of an abortion, compared with 6 percent of girls in the control group.

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