Girl (12) showed family murder

Girl (12) showed family murder

World April 24, 2016 12:00

- It is probably one of states the most exciting murder cases in history: a girl of only twelve years old that her 23 year old boyfriend did murder her parents and younger brother. The atrocities took place in 2006 on the Canadian village of Medicine Hat. The young murderer will soon be free, to have been fixed after ten years in a mental institution.

The young Canadian who was only known in media because of her age and J.R., and her boyfriend Jeremy Steinke struck after the triple murder on the run. Shortly before Steinke was under the influence of drink and drugs- and armed with a knife- a massacre inflicted in the home of his girlfriend. First he brought the mother's life, then the father and finally the boy. When the father during the struggle with Steinke asked why he did it, he replied: 'This is what will your daughter. '

Police Chief Andy McGrogan was then put on the case. He sees the horrific images still in front of him, he told Vice. 'I will never forget the pictures of the boy with her throat cut. '

The duo were a lot of details announced during hearings. The two were members of the Vampire Freaks website. com and often talked about drinking blood. They were part of the local punk and goth scene and got to know each other at a punk concert.

The parents of the Canadian disapproved of her relationship with the much older Steinke. In emails said were exchanged for the murder J.R. things like: I have a plan. It begins with the fact that I killed them and ends with me at your residence. Quot; The two were both fans of the movie
Natural Born Killers, which they watched together the night before the murders.

The now 22-year-old J.R. to appear in May for the court, as she has served her sentence. Steinke was convicted nine years ago for the triple murder and given a suspended prison sentence of 25 years. The girl had previously know that she was joking 'one and did not think Steinke would actually murder her family.

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