Girafje born in Artis

Girafje born in Artis

World October 20, 2015 13:56

amsterdam - Visitors to Artis can welcome a new resident. Amsterdam's zoo has underlined a giraffe at. The young came in the night from Sunday to Monday in the world.

Last summer, it has also been a girafje born in Artis. The herd now has five mares and three stallions. It is important that a foal within 24 hours when the mother drinks to survive, but this now appears to be going well.

The gestation period is approximately fifteen months. A giraffe birth is special because the mother throws the young upright. Therefore the baby is almost two meters down. After standing birth and giraffes walk quickly so they can join the herd when danger threatens.

The calf continues Tuesday and Wednesday still in the barn, where he between 11:00 and 16:00 hours to see. Thursday afternoon he goes first out.

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