Germany offender wanted revenge for dead friend

Germany offender wanted revenge for dead friend

World July 19, 2016 16:09

- Afghan refugee who injured four people Monday night with an ax in a German train, wanted revenge for the death of a friend, who died last weekend in Afghanistan.

Which reported the German public prosecutor at a press conference. The prosecution speaks of a political motive. The 17-year-old striker was a believing Muslim. He had no criminal record.

In his house left the boy behind a letter, which justice infers that he already took into account that he would not come back.
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The boy was doogeschoten by police after he injured five passengers. Two of them are still in critical condition. The OM acted agents in self-defense because the guy with the ax came down on them.

IS gave earlier Tuesday a free video of the boy which he claims to be a 'soldier of the caliphate.'

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