German Police shoot armed hostage death

German Police shoot armed hostage death

World June 23, 2016 20:09

- Dozens of German cinema-goers stood Thursday near Mannheim hours terrified. An armed man was around three o'clock, when the cinema was in place Viernheim full of children, arrived armed. He hostage group, an elite unit of the German police intervened and shot and killed the man.

This was confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior of Hesse. According to Minister Peter Beuth the perpetrator had a gun with him. He also wore a cartridge belt. Four shots would have fallen. Media with our eastern neighbors reported that fifty people were overcome by the use of tear gas.

According to witnesses, there was great panic. Dozens of visitors fled the cinema. The lag people were taken hostage. According to Christian Engelhardt, head of the rescue services, the situation was terrifying:,, Around three o'clock there were obviously children in the cinema. For them it was all obviously very traumatic. And remember: it lasted for hours. '
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,, There was a threatening situation. That was the reason to disable the hostage, 'a zegsvrouwe police. According to the German authorities, it was not a terrorist attack. The culprit, a loner, made in the opinion of the police a confused impression. His identity or the motive for his action are still unknown.

The heavily armed Sondereinsatzkommando (SEK) was after the alarm immediately by helicopters flew from Frankfurt to the crime scene. They are specialists in this type of action. Germany has to do the last fifteen years with frequent trigger-happy madmen, also in schools repeatedly wreaking carnage.

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