German newspaper : extremists to pillory

German newspaper : extremists to pillory

World October 20, 2015 09:35

- The German Bild newspaper on Tuesday published a selection of Facebook messages containing hateful lyrics. According to the newspaper , there are " never experienced overt hate speech " in the land . " Public Prosecutor, take it over ," writes the newspaper.

There are over forty Facebook messages on the site of Bild. With full names and profile pictures, the authors are nailed to the pillory. " By 2020, all Germans live in the street and all the refugees in a house while they indulgently laugh ", writes one of the Facebook users.

" Hopefully the foreigners come out for yourself that they are not welcome ", says another here. Many of the users have no sympathy for the refugees. " You deserve asylum . Go home and leave us alone , shit people ", writes a woman.

" Skip to Auschwitz and Buchenwald , there is enough room. The ovens must be heated again ", writes another .

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