'George had a forgiving God's voice '

'George had a forgiving God's voice '

World December 26, 2016 08:24

- 'Since he went solo he's outgrown the teen image of Wham!. He absolutely made beautiful plates with God forgive voice.' That says pop music expert Leo Blokhuis about George Michael.

The singer died Sunday at his home in the village of Goring-on-Thames in the region of South East England at the age of 53.

According Wooden Michael has always had to fight against many prejudices, and he was not afraid later to name things in his record.

'He was busy with a new job and I was curious how it would look like,' says Wooden. George Michael had started on a documentary 'in which he would tell much that was interesting.'

Blockhouse praises the way the singer tackled his work and music: 'He almost had to tackle a singer / songwriter, very honest in his work, it was really more than a commercial thing..'

Log Cabin is these days a TV program every day related to the broadcast on Radio 2 Top 2000 blockhouse says there is to think about how the death of George Michael can get a spot in the program.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

With the band Wham! the singer can be found twice in the list of 2016, with the song Last Christmas at position 530 is his highest ranking. As a solo artist is Michael eight times in the Top 2000, including collaborations with Elton John and Queen.

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