Geoblocking shortly past

Geoblocking shortly past

Tech November 29, 2016 14:57

brussels - Dutch with your Netflix subscription can also log in from your vacation address. Now it's impossible, but not soon. Because Parliament supports a European Commission proposal to geoblocking to prohibit it based on location close to services within the EU.

Many services that offer copyrighted material, such as video and music streaming services like Netflix or Spotify or digital TV subscriptions, are now defined by Member States. The proposal of the commission is there to put an end to. Customers pay for a service should also elsewhere in Europe have access to the legal content. A service shut abroad because it is cheaper there may not.

Also new restrictions on the rates in parliament which were approved telecom operators charge each other for roaming. That is seen as a prerequisite for the abolition of roaming charges. From June 15 next year can call, send text messages or surf the internet do not cost more in the rest of Europe than at home.

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