Gazelle points cyclists danger smartphone

Gazelle points cyclists danger smartphone

Tech November 25, 2015 11:00

- Cyclists along the way what juices, calling or texting not only ensure irritation amongst other road users, they are also a danger on the road. Every year there are dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries requiring the use of a cell phone in traffic. According to data of the Foundation for Road Safety Research (SWOV).

Koninklijke Gazelle calls cyclists therefore especially paying attention to the road instead of on the screen of the phone. " What Juices on the bike now seems the most normal thing in the world, but that should not be allowed ", says Ferdi Ertekin of Gazelle. " It is best to make the youngest aware and learn directly good behavior. That's easier than you people must unlearn afterwards. " The bicycle manufacturer therefore welcomes the fact that road safety Netherlands (VVN) comes with a curriculum. Also there is a job for as Gazelle dealers to reflect on the safety of cyclists.

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