Future May and Brexit under pressure

World June 9, 2017 05:57

london - British Prime Minister Theresa May wrote new elections two months ago. With her dream of victory, she could strengthen her negotiating position on the UK departure. The small majority who had her party seemed insufficient to bring about the hard Brexit she deemed desirable.

With the loss of this majority in the House of Commons, this negotiating position is now completely undermined. It means almost sure that she will have to seek rapprochement against the opposition parties Labor, SNP and Lib Dems. This means that the British may need to remain part of the single market. A hard brexit, in May's eyes, the 'wish of the people' seems to be the job.

Former Ukip party leader Nigel Farage already considered a second Brexit referendum last night. He announced that he would return to politics. Following his successful Brexit referendum last year, Farage announced his farewell as leader of Ukip.

The position of Prime Minister Theresa May is also under pressure. It does not help that the prime minister has not gathered a large group of confidants in the past few years. She took the decision to cancel interim elections during a week-end walk with her husband in Wales.

Many of her groupmates did not forgive her for May to take a controversial proposal for the financing of elder care in the electoral program. Good Britain, the traditional backbone of the party, had to pay the cost of care on their old day. Initially there was no limit to that contribution, something that May had to promise, just a few days after the launch of the plan.

It did not make her position within the party any good. Loss of the majority probably causes irreparable damage to her reputation. And that while the country now, according to May itself, just needs stability. With the hopelessly divided Lagerhuis, possibly new elections and the pressure of the Brexit negotiations, that stability is the last that May or her country can expect in the coming months.

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