Fuss about a violent dead boy (5), looking for a brother (3)

World November 26, 2017 15:54

san nicolas - On Aruba the shock of the five-year-old Risandroh, who probably died as a result of child abuse, has been shocked. The child was hospitalized Wednesday with broken ribs, a brain haemorrhage, various scars and breathing problems. A search has started for the 3-year-old brother of the boy. He is missing.

The relatives of the boys were arrested on suspicion of child abuse. His mother said that he had fallen into the playground. The attending physician did not believe that story and switched on the police.

Residents and car drivers have set up a large search to find Roshandrick, the 3-year-old brother of Risandroh. The ME was engaged in the search and agents who did not have a service were asked to help.

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