Fruithandel threatened

Fruithandel threatened

World November 26, 2016 07:42

amsterdam - Almost weekly camps entrepreneurs in the sector with threats by drug criminals who make cocaine 'piggybacking' on importers. Traders are threatened at home or have to deal with harassment from their drivers.

This week, the police brought out that there is an investigation into a driver terminal end of September was held in Gelderland. After being threatened with death, criminals took hundreds of kilos of cocaine from his container.

'This kind of scenes we do quite often lately with. In any case, several times per month. We warn companies that: be aware of the risks. While fruit does well abroad, coke does well, 'said a worried Peter Amaze of the trade GroentenFruit House. An organization for 430 companies in the fruit trade.

Sometimes criminals put itself on the import of drugs, but more often they use existing flows. The art is to pick up the drugs from a container again with bananas or fruit juice, as soon as the container has come out of the port. The most dangerous situations occur when criminals think that sitting in a container of drugs, but the party has already been removed by the police or rival criminals.

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