Fruit water draws 230 apple trees

Fruit water draws 230 apple trees

World June 12, 2017 07:51

horssen - The police and the victim are still upside down from the question 'How and why did anyone saw 230 fruit trees?' In the night of Friday on Saturday, one or more people broke the trees at Jan Brokken's fruit farm in Gelderse Horssen, and the Damage is likely to be in thousands of euros.

'I do not understand that,' explains Brokken. 'I never have a fight with nobody. Why would you do something like that? 'The damage is huge: in a path of the orchard, half of the trees are certainly destroyed and can be regarded as lost. Two days after the cowardly deed, the trees are already faded. 'The police are looking for witnesses,' explains Brokken. 'It's not something you'll do in a few minutes. Here someone has done a lot of work. But the question that has taken us on Friday since discovering: what are you doing like that? '

Whether it is coincidence or not, the police still have to investigate, but a month ago, a colleague from Brokken was exactly the same. At the adjacent Upper Lions, a quarter of a bicycle, 320 apple trees were then sown at night. The damage that caused it was 40, 000 euros.

'These trees are no longer fruit,' explains Brokken. 'So that's just a loss of income. It looks like there is an idiot that companies want to sabotage. But why?'\n  \n   \n    \n    \n   \n   \n   \n      \n   \n     Photo: foto Rias Immink

How big the damage is, still needs to be seen, says Brokken. 'All of this has yet to be calculated. It will not be the end of the business, because there are still trees enough. But a cost item will be. 'He repeats:' But why anyway... '

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