'French economy minister Macron get on '

'French economy minister Macron get on '

World August 30, 2016 12:03

- The French Minister for Economic Affairs, Emmanuel Macron, stepping on. French media reported that he Tuesday around 15:00 goes along with President Francois Hollande to explain his departure. The 38 year old former banker and politician without party gets after much hesitation from Hollandes socialist government.

Macron has Hollande criticized for doing too little to reform the French economy. Macron followed in August 2014 as a minister in the leftist Arnaud Montebourg. Key points from macaroons reform met with much opposition from Socialists in parliament and had toned down or an emergency law printed by the French parliament.

Macron is hoping for a major role in the election year 2017. In April it launched its own political platform, called En marche! (On the way!).
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