Freelance agent who shot a motorist

Freelance agent who shot a motorist

World June 17, 2017 09:12

st.paul - A police officer in the US state of Minnesota who killed a black man with five bullets last year during a traffic check was released before the court of all charges. The incident drew the attention of the movie that the girlfriend of the man streamed on social media while he was dying.

The agent said he feared for his life when he shot Philando Castile. He thought Castile wanted to grab a firearm of which he had briefly said that he had it. According to Castile's friend, he had told the agent that he had a firearm, but that he only had to take his wallet of identity card out of his pocket.

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The Public Prosecutor said that the agent could not claim emergency weather. Castile remained polite and did not threaten, said it.

Two days before Castile in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, another black man was shot by a police officer. Former President Barack Obama said the two cases were not per se incidents but 'symptomatic of the racial inequality in our criminal justice system. '

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