Free tablet still not so free

Free tablet still not so free

Tech October 13, 2015 13:57

- Consumers who purchase a new energy contract and thereby receive a free tablet or thermostat as a teaser gift, pay these products without them knowing this back through their energy bills. Basically this means consumers a loan similar to hire purchase, according to the Society Fixed Load Bond, which examined the matter. The organization is also himself a provider of energy.

Because energy companies did not disclose the additional fees they violate massively the Financial Supervision Act, says the Fixed Load Bond.  Consumers think they do a good deal, but in fact they are stuck with an expensive energy contract that they repay the gift.

The Supreme Court earlier in the telecom sector to 'free' phones with a subscription was a form of hire purchase. Whether this scenario also applies to energy suppliers is not yet clear. To address this issue the Fixed Load Bond has filed a complaint with the Financial Markets Authority.

We want to enforce that energy suppliers adhere to the Financial Supervision Act to love, said the union. It must be clear to consumers what portion of their bill they pay for energy and which part to repay a so-called free product. Then they can make an informed choice and it is clear that the drawing of the contract offered gadgets not free.

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