Free ride away pirate must pay

Free ride away pirate must pay

World August 19, 2017 13:06

zemst - A 22-year-old road pirate still has to pay 45,000 euros to the relatives of the Merel de Prins, who he thinks.

The 12-year-old girl had no chance when Muhammad Aytekin torpeded the girl in the built-up bowl in the Belgian Zemst with his car. Muhammad did not have a driver's license and had been injured for traffic crimes for eighteenteen times!

The driver was previously sentenced to five years cell. But because he had an 'eye problem', he left the cell in March of the court after five months. That led to great anger in Belgium. Only next week a judge or an eye specialist will have to do additional research and whether the death rider should return to the cell.

The civil court has ruled last week that Muhammad also has to pay 45 mille damages to the survivors; But also witnesses of the accident.

'A good verdict,' says the lawyer of the Nelissen-Grade family against Het Nieuwsblad. 'Of course, it does not matter to the parents. They can therefore pay the funeral expenses and hospital expenses immediately after the accident. But the loss and sorrow remain. It does not bring Merel back. This is not a relief of their suffering. 'Aytekin has recently declared bankruptcy.

Merel's father is 'satisfied' with the statement. 'We can not turn back our daughter's loss, not with all the money of the world. But we are pleased with the signal that what that man has done can not '.

He hopes that the wisdom will prevail with the judge and Muhammad will have to re-enter the cell again.

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