France to court because ortolaantraditie

France to court because ortolaantraditie

World December 8, 2016 13:45

brussels - France remains warnings about storing the protection of wild birds into the wind and must therefore answer for the European Court of Justice. The issue revolves around the ortolan, an endangered migratory bird caught despite a ban to be removed if swallowed bite-sized chunk.

In the southwest of France, the cooked bird considered a delicacy. The European Commission had already sent a warning in 2013 and wore the French in June to finally act against this tradition. Which, although illegal, although the French previously undertook to take measures, the birds are still consumed.

The ortolaanpopulatie in Europe has been decimated in recent decades. By not acting, France takes the efforts of other European countries to rescue the ortolan in danger, according to Brussels.

The court in Luxembourg may impose fines for non-compliance with the European directives in the field of bird protection.

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