Fortune: Zuckerberg businessman in 2016

Fortune: Zuckerberg businessman in 2016

Tech November 10, 2016 15:39

- The American magazine Fortune has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg named businessman of the year. The 32-year-old billionaire is the honor in turn due to the good performance of Facebook, which he built from scratch, and its strong growth strategy.

Fortune praised Zuckerberg on to be future-proof vision, his perseverance and his business discipline. Under the leadership of Zuckerberg Facebook has grown into a company with 16 000 employees and a market value of $ 350 billion.

Number two on the list was Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who got to the dominance of Amazon in terms of shops and praise for its innovative products. Amazon has the Amazon Echo include a speaker on the market where you can talk to and conducting searches and can operate devices.

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