Former boxer saves bear from him

Former boxer saves bear from him

World July 6, 2016 14:27

sudbury - Rick Nelson left in a nature reserve in the Canadian city Sudbury walking his dog when he unexpectedly face to face with a small bear, which was soon followed by his mother. The approximately 145-kilogram mother bear saw in man and dog a threat to its young and turned threateningly. The 61-year-old Nelson had one advantage: a half-century boxing experience.

His first blow hit the teeth of the bear. The animal responded immediately and with her nails she pulled the chest and the face of Nelson open. Most bears are right and hit her was a leftist. 'The ex-boxer knew he had to play directly decisive for the bear could hand a right hand. He gave the distraught mother a hard blow to its snout, which immediately began to bleed.

At that moment the young off what the mother had immediately recognized. To the relief of Nelson, she followed her pup, reported the Canadian broadcaster CBC.
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