Foreman Senate VS Makes Trump

Foreman Senate VS Makes Trump

World May 16, 2017 15:33

washington - The leader of the Republican majority in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, complained about his party-mate Trump on Tuesday. McConnell said that 'it would be great if the president puts more time in the things we try to achieve and less time in other matters.' Trump should provide less drama, according to the 75-year-old senator from Kentucky.

Trump has reaffirmed himself because, according to the Washington Post, he has captured top secretions about Islamic State (IS) to visiting Russian minister Lavrov. He had given sensitive information in the White House Lavrov last Wednesday, which came from a foreign ally. The information would be so secret because the sources in the Middle East are at risk.

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This lecture was disputed on Tuesday by Trumps Foreign Minister, Rex Tillerson. He said that Trump had had with Lavrov about 'the nature of certain specific threats' of the terrorist movement. According to Tillerson, they did not have any 'sources, methods or types of military operations. '

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