For years missing man was visible all the time on Google Maps

For years missing man was visible all the time on Google Maps

World November 13, 2015 22:15

- Authorities in Byron Center, a place in the US state of Michigan, found the bodily remains of the missing since 2006 Davie Lee Niles. The victim was found after ten years by a technical employee of a funeral, which saw outdoor Christmas lights at high altitude and hung a wrecked car in a nearby pond. In retrospect, it appears that this can be seen for many years on the satellite images of Google Maps.

The 72-year-old victim gets nearly 10 years ago in the car after he had visited a pub in Byron Township. Davie Lee Niles never came home, and he and his car seemed to have disappeared from the earth. Brian Houseman, an employee of the neighboring Cook Funeral Home stepped into a working elevator to hang outdoor Christmas lights at high altitude.,null, Suddenly it was there. Nobody could ever see it, the water was dark and drove things, '' Houseman tells the Huffington Post. Houseman engaged the local police, who found quickly that the license plate on the car wreck belonged to the car Davie Lee Niles.,null, We have come a tow truck to remove the wreck from the pond, '' the local police says.,null, Behind the wheel, we found human remains. To a large extent these were only bones, but we also found the wallets of Davie Lee Niles. Further investigation revealed that this is indeed the man. '' Google Maps retrospect it appears that the police wreck had been much easier to detect. The pond can actually be seen on the satellite images of Google Maps and its clear that the contours of a car wreck visible. Scott Hathaway, the son of Lee Niles recently told Woodtv. com which Davie Lee Niles suffered from bone cancer and depression at the time of his disappearance. Police Chief Ron Gates, however, say they can not determine whether it is an accident or suicide.

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