'Florence is a monster'

'Florence is a monster'

World September 12, 2018 11:16

amsterdam - For Americans living on the east coast, the countdown has started. Another day and a half and then Florence comes ashore. A very heavy hurricane, meteorologists warn. ' He could even become the heaviest category '', says Johnny Willemse of Weeronline.

He follows the storm closely from the Netherlands. That the thing is coming ashore is now almost certain. A blower at last? That is actually no longer there. 'The core seems to come ashore in the south of North Carolina, but the course can change a bit. But in any case: the core with the maximum wind is remarkably large. Even if you are 120 kilometers away from the eye, you will still get a lot of wind. ''

Florence is now category 4, the second highest category. The storm can peak to category 5, something that occurs only a few times a year worldwide.

The storm is expected to come ashore on Friday morning on the east coast of the United States. That means it's night there when Florence starts to keep house. And that it's going to be ghosts, that's for sure. 'This is a monster. Big and mean. It is an extremely dangerous, life-threatening hurricane that will make history books, 'said the Governor of North Carolina, Ray Cooper.

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